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Laboratory and simulation experiments on rubber composites

Ambriško Ľubomír, Marasová Daniela

Aleš Čeněk s.r.o.
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148x205 mm
The laboratory experiments, modelling and simulation facilitated the solution of a complex task and understanding the behaviour of rubber composites – conveyor belts during the loading in the real conditions. Damage to the conveyor belt structure is in many cases caused by the impact of the material on the chutes. The impact energy is initially absorbed by the covering layer. As a result, stress and strain conditions develop in the covering layer. The Design of Experiments (DOE) method was applied to rubber conveyor belt tension and dynamic impact testing. Loading by impact dynamic testing of conveyor belts affects the shape of the used impactor, using of a support system as well as the weight of the ram and the impact height. Using DOE method were from experimentally obtained data established effects of factors and interactions that affect the value of the measured strength, impact loading and also were determined regression models, which apply input and output variables to the relation. The regression model presents the complete multifactor experiment that contains main factors and interactions. Within the transportation of materials in mining using the belt conveyor systems, a conveyor belt is particularly the component with the highest wear rate. The development trends in the field of conveyor belt wear, in terms of disruption damage, are mostly focused on the innovation of damping components of buffer beds with impact rubber bars. The examined impact bars were exposed to the effects of the dynamic impact loading that is of great importance and facilitates the simulation of the belt conveyor system operation.
Laboratory and simulation experiments on rubber composites

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