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Annotated Companies Legislation

John Birds, Robert Hildyard QC, Robert Miles QC

do 2 týdnů
Oxford University Press
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24x17 cm
Orientační cena, objednáním titulu vytváříte pouze poptávku. Následně Vás bude kontaktovat pracovník našeho internetového obchodu. The only single volume commentary with a complete set of company law materials Draws together all you need to know about the legislation in one place Substantive and high quality commentary in a section-by-section format High quality author team with a mix of expertise (solicitors, barristers, scholars, and accountants) Draws on secondary materials such as Hansard and Committee Reports and case law for interpretation of statute Full commentary on dynamic areas such as directors' duties and derivative claims Includes the Model Articles of Association along with detailed annotation as well as the full text of other relevant statutory instruments Includes derivation and destination tables for ease of navigation around the new regime New to this edition Provides updated material on the dynamic areas of derivative claims and unfair prejudice, and directors' duties As the only single volume commentary with a complete set of Company Law materials, Annotated Companies Legislation offers the legal practitioner a detailed section-by-section guide to the Companies Act 2006 and surviving parts of older legislation. The second edition of this well-regarded commentary provides up-to-date analysis on all recent developments and includes, in particular, a review of dynamic areas such as derivative claims, unfair prejudice, and directors' duties. This one-stop resource offers guidance on the interpretation of the law and the impact of changes made by the Companies Act 2006 by reference to case law, Hansard and Committee Reports and includes copies of all substantive secondary material. It is designed with the user in mind and provides derivation and destination tables which ease navigation around the 2006 regime. The book is organised according to the topics covered in the Parts of the 2006 Act and paragraph numbers reference the Parts and sections of the Act enhancing usability and making research quicker and easier. This second edition offers excellent value for money and a much-needed fresh commentary on companies legislation. It provides a single, convenient and portable volume leaving the reader with no need to research elsewhere. Readership: Barristers, solicitors, and academics practising in company/corporate and insolvency law.
Annotated Companies Legislation

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